British Accent Training Programme

Chaithanya stands itself out among the numerous Spoken English / IELTS coaching centres in Kottayam (Kerala). We are the ONLY centre that provides Posh British Accent Training in Kottayam.

Students from all over India enroll for our British English Accent Coaching Classes. These include employees from Technopark (Trivandrum), Infopark (Cochin) as well as from metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

As a Spoken English Coaching Centre, we recognize the fact that people speak with the different types of accents. But it is important to reduce the strength of that accent towards a neutral standard pronunciation. Those who speak English language with the influence of a foreign language are unable to create the standard sounds of English.  This is mainly because the stresses, rhythms and intonation patterns may be different in their mother tongue (or native language) which will lead them to you speak in English in a way that is more leaned towards how they pronounce sounds in their native language.

Considering the above facts, it is not difficult to imagine why accent training is often referred to as accent neutralization.  It involves the process of reducing the influence of one’s mother tongue in pronouncing different sounds in English. It basically involves three main sections – repetition, reproduction and recognition.  At Chaithanya, we help our students built pronunciation skills by considering these three sections.

Our accent training program starts with “recognition”. Many a times students don’t even realize that they are speaking with a particular accent and is unable to understand the difference between their pronunciation and standard pronunciation. Once student is able to understand the different stresses, sounds and intonation patterns and rhythms of English language, he/she will be able to move onto the next step – which is “reproduction”. Students are trained extensively to adjust the muscles in their eyes and mouth in such a manner that will enable them to reproduce the sounds of English accurately.  Finally, students will retain the accurate tone through large amount of repetition, training and constant practicing.


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Posh British Accent Training Course

Our English accent training courses are specifically designed to enhance your pronunciation.

Our course includes 3 discrete sections:-
Section 1: Covers sounds of English, spelling regularities in detail
Section 2: Focuses on pronunciation, syllables, word stress and sentences
Section 3:  Focuses on conversation in real-life situations

Approach to Accent Training Classes

Accent training classes are predominantly conducted face to face and through interactive sessions. Researchers have revealed that accent training is most effective when carried out in a face to face manner in a classroom based set-up. Studies also indicate that in spite of the advances in information technology (like online learning), classroom based coaching for accent training is flawless – mainly due to the human contact and interaction between the student and the trainer. Accordingly our accent training program lay special emphasis on traditionally established coaching methods.


People, especially in English speaking countries, tend to judge a person’s background, social status and education just based on the way that they speak.  Even if a person can communicate in English, if they don’t speak clearly with the proper accent people they wouldn’t want to talk to that person because it gets all too tiring. The impact of First Language Influence (FLI) on a person’s accent cannot be understated. Our accent training program is structured in a way to maximize your English language communication efficiency – whether it be with an employee, peers, clients etc. This will help you to enhance how the listener experience and receive your conversations, develop your full potential and make maximum use of your communication skills.

Classroom Strength

At maximum, we allow only 10 students in a batch.  This is to ensure that each student gets individual attention. Duration of the accent training course is usually 30 to 60 hours,  according to the requirement of the candidates. The candidate (student) will have the freedom to choose the timing of the classes. We offer short term and long term English accent training programs. Chaithanya would recommend a course having a minimum of 30 minutes.

Class Timing

Normally, are classes are conducted between 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.(IST). Chaithanya offers British Accent Coaching Classes with flexible timing which is particularly suited for the working class. 

Chat With Our Staff Live !

Reach us via Whatsapp at +91 9447142592 (online 24*7) OR call at +91 8547242233 (09:00 AM to 05:00 PM IST) OR submit the contact form and we will get back to you within seconds!