OET Writing Tips

Writing Tips for OET Exam

Typically, you will be required to write a letter of around 180-200 words regarding a patient’s scenario.

The task is similar across various health profession. Nurses will be asked to write a letter specific to their profession.

You will be provided:-

The patient’s case notes and medical history

Even though OET Writing task is considered to be difficult, the following tips can assist you.

  1. Understand the writing task
    Usually, 3 types of letters are asked:-discharge, transfer or referral. It is vital that you note –
    Who am I writing the letter to?
    What has happened?
    Who am I writing about in the letter?
    What type of letter is it?
  2. Understand the abbreviations
    You may prepare a dictionary of abbreviations during OET exam preparation. Commonly used abbreviations are:-
    BMI = body mass index|
    OTC = over the counter|
    r/v = review|
    ICU = intensive care unit|
    SOB = shortness of breath|
  3. Pick relevant information
    You should not include all of the case notes in your letter. Only include relevant information according to the patient history.
  4. Understand the case notes
    The first five minutes of the exam are for reading the case notes. Carefully understand the notes and convert them to grammatically correct sentences.
  5. Organize your writing structure
    The top of your letter should include who you are writing to and their address. The middle section should explain the situation.The final paragraph should explain any further tasks the recipient needs to undertake.
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